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Pet Waste Removal Service
Residential & Commercial

Scoop De Doo has been in business since May 2003 and are proud to be the 1st Pooper Scoopers in South Florida

About Us

Stop with the Honey Doo List

You don't love having to clean the mess in your yard. You have better things to do with your time!

We Find What Your Dog Leaves Behind!

Surprisingly inexpensive weekly rates

Weekly service as low as $9.90 a week!
Discounts for Seniors 65+ and Assistance Dogs.


It has to be done

Left to accumulate, dog waste ruins appearance, attracts diseases, carries pests, and offends the neighbors - not to mention endangering the health of your family and pets. Somebody has to do it.

But that somebody does not have to be YOU!

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Drop us a line! No Obligations or Contracts!

For a surprisingly low price, Scoop De Doo can come to your yard once or twice weekly to clean up

Deal directly with the owner when you call a professional Pet Waste Removal Service. We are Not a franchise we are  family operated. There are no contracts and you can start or stop service at any time.  We personalize our service to give you a family run business over and above the rest. 

Scoop De Doo, inc.

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Monday - Friday: 7am - 6pm

Saturday & Sunday Closed

Commercial Services

Condos, Apartment Community Properties, HOA'S, Dog Parks

Scoop De Doo  recognizes the need for a large complex to be serviced on a regular basis for health and sanitary purposes.  We are a professional dog waste removal service since May of 2003, with years experience in the Palm Beach area.  Let us help you with the job no one likes to do.

Distributor of top of the line weather resistant Pet Stations

We supply and install many types of Dog Waste Stations.  We are authorized distributors of several brand products.  Call to find out if we carry your brand and if not we will reach out and get the station of your choice. We can also provide service for them at a set price.


After performing a walk through of the property we will determine how many man  hours we will need to complete the job.  At that time we will formulate a proposal for your review and approval. Pet Waste Stations placed throughout property can also be used with or without walking property to cut down on expenses and help with Dog waste issues.

Pet Waste Station Service Pricing without walking complex

One to two Pet Stations per week:  $15 each station a week

Three to six Pet Stations per week:  $10 each station a week

Seven to ten Pet Stations per week:  $9 each station a week

Eleven or more Pet Stations per week:  $8 each station a week

Scope of work to be done at Pet Stations

Once or twice a week service on all Pet Waste Station will consist of emptying, cleaning, sanitizing  and replacing  *Bags and Can Liners  as needed.  (All dog waste after collected will be dumped at complex designated area or if hauled away from property at an additional cost )

*Bags and Can Liners supplied by Scoop De Doo will be charged as used per box of 200 bags and per Liner.

We Service all of Palm Beach County

We carry all insurances needed to work in the State and County.  Scoop De Doo is not a Franchise!  We are owned and operated as a Corporation.  Our name Scoop De Doo is Trade Marked and belongs to us alone.